Simple cleansing for a busy lifestyle

My clients tell me a lot "I don't have time". The good news is you do actually have time, you just need a good regimen for your busy schedule. Here is a basic cleansing regimen for busy lifestyle. 


Step 1. Cleanse face and exfoliate using exfoliating brush while taking a shower. Make it apart of your shower regimen. (cleanse hair, cleanse face, condition hair, cleanse body)

Step 2. Moisturize

Step 3. SPF


Step 1. Remove eye make up with eye makeup remover (Vitamin E or Olive oil works great on a cotton pad)   

Step 2. Cleanse with Cleanser

Step 3. Moisturize 

Please keep in mind this is a basic basic cleansing regimen. If you would like to achieve other goals such as anti-aging, acne control or eczema control please see my other regimens. To find the best products to fit your unique skin type for you please contact me

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