How to correctly take a bath

How to correctly take a bath 

Ok this is one of my favorite topics! I looove baths! There are many types of baths: bubble baths, salt baths, milk baths, or my ultimate favorite- flower petal baths with a nourishing bath bomb. Whatever you choose on the occasion, here is the correct way to take a bath. 

First, the setting must be just right. Turn off the lights, light candles or turn on candles (whichever you prefer). Just a tip, if you put candles by a mirror it creates an illuminating light. 

Put on relaxing music like spa music, rain sounds, nature, classical, whatever makes you feel relaxed. Drop flower petals all around for extra loveliness. Set your bath tray with pen and paper, hand towel, chocolates, fruit, wine and water. It is always a good idea to have water to keep you hydrated. Warm baths can dehydrate and possibly overheat the body. Wine mixed with heat dehydrates the body as well which can intoxicate you faster so keep that in mind. 

Ok, so now place lotion and your rolled spa towel and towel wrap or bathrobe and slippers close by to slip into right after your bath. Snap your spa pillow onto the bathtub if you don't have one built in. I have used a rolled up hand towel before that works fine too. Roll half the towel so the unrolled part rests behind your back and place the rolled part behind the neck to support the head. If you are taking a maintenance bath make sure you set out your manicure/pedicure tools needed, massage scrub brush, facial brush and facial cleanser, razor (if you shave) and any other tools needed on a separate tray. 

Starting off, if you feel the need, take a shower. You will actually have better results with your skin if you exfoliate with an exfoliating glove during your shower. Sometimes I just need a relaxing shower to precleanse before I soak in a bath. It's a great way to start winding down. 

Start your bath of choice. Again there so many baths to choose from. 

After you have your setting just right, put your hair up. Let your skin soak and your muscles loosen. NO DEVICES=NO distractions. This is a time and place for pure relaxation. It can also be a time of reflection. Once you feel your mind fully relaxed and your muscles fully loosened, that tells you that you are finally in the right state of mind. Keep in that state for a minimum of 30-45 mins. If you are ready then start maintenance: shave, exfoliate your body once more, cleanse your face, manicure/pedicure. I give myself manicures/pedicures because I am very particular about my maintenance. Taking a little bit of time to do maintenance at the end of the bath is a good way to ease the body and mind in “waking up” rather than an all of a sudden “wake up and get out”. 

Now after you are done, slowly slip out and breathe steady. Do not rush. Keep in your state of mind. Apply body cream then slip into your towel wrap or robe and slippers. Apply your facial products (click here for a printable PDF skincare regimen checklist). Carry on but keep your state of mind. Baths are a great reset button as if you are “clearing the clouds”. 

There are different reasons for taking a bath. Relaxation, reflection, maintenance. Sometimes to help spark ideas or problem solve (hence the pen and paper on your bath tray). Baths are also wonderful treatments for skin conditions. See my printable PDF Nourishing Body Treatment. 

I always take a bath right before a photoshoot to make sure I am clean, but also to help get ideas of outfits, settings, poses and to redirect my mind to my work. As a mom of 4 with a husband ;) I have a lot to do and alot on my mind. Baths are essential in my life. <3

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