Cutting Anchors

An anchor is someone or something that holds you down or limits you from growing and prospering. It could be a job you are working that is limiting you from moving forward. It could be a situation you are in that is holding you back. Maybe a debt that is weighing on you? It could be a person you are living with that is limiting you from growing or moving forward or prospering. It can even be a mindset you are in that is an anchor. 

Anchors cause stress, turmoil, low self worth, anxiety, depression, helplessness, fear, and paranoia. All of these create a world of damage and are dangerous to your health. Stress shortens your lifespan. Stress mentally impairs you from making healthy decisions. Fear does not allow you to believe you can move forward or grow. Low self worth and helplessness blinds you to see a way out or up. Paranoia causes you to make unwise or rash decisions that can dig you further in a hole. 

Mental stress damages your body physically. It can deplete water from your body, close off your airways, strain your muscles, cause hairloss, teeth decay, and extreme exhaustion. It lowers your immunity so you are susceptible to disease, illness or even cancer. It can cause the heart not to function properly leading to high blood pressure, heart damage, heart attack or even heart failure. Stress can cause insomnia which also does damage to the body. Read my article Sleep is soooo important. 

If you have any anchors in your life, cut them. Some take a little longer than others. Whatever it takes (that is legal and safe), cut the ties. Just cut them. If there is a will there's a way. There is always a loophole around everything and you just have to find it. If you are putting energy into stress, then you can shift your energy and use it to start cutting ties, making a pathway to peace. Take control of you and your life. Get healthy. 

Make a list of all your anchors. Make a plan on how to start cutting the ropes. One by one start cutting the ropes. Focus on good health and freedom. Maybe see a therapist to help you sort it all out? Pray for someone you can trust to support you. Reach out to the universe for strength and wisdom. 

Stand up for yourself. Stand your ground. You deserve it. You are worth it. 

By not cutting the ties you are hurting the other person as well. They may need to separate from you in order to heal themselves. By staying in a pressing situation it puts strain on the situation making it harder to get out of. By not finding a different job or way of making an income you are not allowing someone else to take your place that they need more than you. It doesn't allow you to step in others' lives who they needed as well. When you believe, things just come together, sort, mend and start growing. 

This may be the hardest thing you have done in your life but it feels so good. Once you feel the weight off your shoulders and you can finally breathe a little, that's when you know you are on the road to peace. Stand by peace. Make it the most important way of living. When you do you will continuously be rewarded with more peace and blessings. <3

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