Neuropeptide & Peptide Booster Serum
  • Neuropeptide & Peptide Booster Serum
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Advanced proprietary neuropeptide complex of bio-active and bio-genic ingredients is cold-processed to preserve and deliver maximum potency and efficacy. Free from fillers, waxes, parabens and oils, this blend targets and reduces appearances of wrinkles, fine lines and signs of skin aging (elasticity loss and skin discoloration). Instantly plumps and smoothes skin. With regular use, it increases collagen production, repairs dermal damage and gives a more youthful appearance. Peptides stimulate skin fibroblasts to rebuild the extra cellular matrix, which is made up of collagen I, collagen IV, fibronectin and GAGS. Collagen and elastins can become denatured or “cross-lined” due to pollution, ultraviolet rays, poor nutrition, chemical insults, and just the normal aging process (glycosylation, or glycation). Denatured proteins can cause the skin to sag, look dull, wrinkle, and thin. Our anti-peptides and neuropeptides act as anti-glycating agents, blocking proteins from attaching to sugars, thus keeping collagen and elastins in their healthy, free form. This anti-glycating effect supports the skin’s natural elasticity and softness and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They can also improve lymphatic circulation to help reduce discoloration under the eyes.

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