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The Inspiration of le luxe anti-aging

Meet Laura, creator of Le Luxe Anti-Aging. With strong passion for skincare, health and beauty Laura created Le Luxe Anti-Aging to provide education and an essential anti-aging regimen.

Her studies in modeling intrigued her interest to pursue Esthetics. Laura's great knowledge and kind heart has cared for clients with all unique needs in luxury resort spas, medical spas, and even her own spa Le Luxe Spa. Laura specializes in complicated skin. 

Laura's multi tasking careers Esthetician, Model and Mentor to many, keeps her thriving, shriving to be the best of the best. Laura loves adventure, travel, and spending time with her husband and 4 children whom they homeschool. Her mission is to educate and provide a pathway to the youthful healthy look and feel everyone deserves.  

The Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Regimen 

 The Power of Three

The Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen is the result of a three-year, global search to hand-select the most effective anti-aging ingredients. Now, Derma-Lucia’s professional-strength, skincare regimen with patented anti-aging technology is helping women who are serious about skincare prevent and reduce visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and skin discoloration.  

A three-step process, the Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen successfully marries Effective Products, Effective Delivery and Effective Sun Protection to allow for maximum absorption of nutrients into your skin’s dermal layer and provide proper protection from environmental damage. The end result is hydrated, clear and younger-looking skin.  

Step 1: Effective Products  

Derma-Lucia products contain a proprietary collagen-promoting complex that contains peptides, neuropeptides and phyto (plant) stem cells. Together, they help skin regenerate and replenish its natural stem cell supply, so skin acts and looks younger. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative ingredients are encapsulated in our unique, patented, nano-particle-based formulas to enhance penetration.  

Step 2: Effective Delivery  

Stimulating the skin's natural healing response is a powerful way to aid in product penetration. Our derma roller, and galvanic- and light therapy devices activate this automatic response, and allow ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin where it promotes collagen production and increases overall hydration.  

Step 3: Effective SunCare  

Recognized as a superior UVA/UVB filter, physical zinc oxide is the main ingredient in all our suncare products. SunCare Icontains 20% zinc oxide, and provides ultimate protection for days spent outdoors. SunCare II is our more cosmetically elegant version that acts as make-up primer, tinted moisturizer and sunscreen. Whether you use them solo or together, you're beautifully covered from environmental damage.